Centricity™ Opera

Centricity™ Opera is a unique software solution, user-friendly operating theatre management solution that helps you improve efficiency, productivity and communication to maximise patient experience and drive financial performance.

Understanding your challenges of your operating theatre

Room Utilization
Operating theatres are very often underutilized yet still expected to be the economic driver of the hospital. In the same time, case durations are usually underestimated.1
Complex Scheduling
Multi-dimensional surgery scheduling processes can cause, delays, undocumented booking and late cancellations. 50% of all cancellations may not be for medical reasons.2 
Communication Across Teams
Busy operating theatres are crowded with various multidisciplinary teams, all playing a role in providing the best patient experience, making effective communication key

Our solutions to help you

  • Discover Needs
    Better manage of resources and priorities via Patient list & Unit View
  • Optimize Workflow
    Better manage the daily routine to focus on the essentials via Integrated Order Management.
  • Improve Outcomes
    Enrich the Clinical Expertise across the team via dedicated trends, target lines, decision support and notifications.
  • Boost Performance
    Generate insights & drive continuous improvement via Analytics Framework.

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    Case Study NHS Fife, UK


    University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust Case Study


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