Automated segmentation & pre-procedure planning software for transcatheter aortic valve implantation.

Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) or Replacement (TAVR) are procedures for select patients with severe aortic stenosis. TAVI Analysis is a post-processing software package for the Advantage Workstation (AW) and AW Server platforms. It is a planning tool used for sizing, planning and visualization in TAVI/TAVR procedures. TAVI Analysis provides guided workflow and semi-automated tools to help evaluate appropriate access pathways and can communicate directly with the interventional suite.


  • Automated Aortic segmentation displayed to highlight calcific areas

  • Automated orientation to the aortic valve plane

  • Guided workflow for valve measurements

  • Fast centerline tracking to subclavian and femoral arteries

  • Connectivity to the interventional suite


  • One comprehensive workflow for valve measurements and access path measurements.
  • Automatic segmentation of transparent volume rendered model of the aorta with calcifications highlighted.
  • Auto orientation to aortic valve plane.
  • Intuitive workflow for acquiring measurements for aortic valve sizing.
  • Summary table automatically populates as measurements are placed.
  • Easily generate a report with measurements and associated images for efficient communication with Heart Team.
  • One click perpendicular view provides guidance for C-arm angulation for deployment of device.
  • Automatic bone segmentation for the chest, abdomen and pelvis.
  • Real time vessel tracking provides fast centerline detection based on a single start point.
  • Guided vessel tracking tools allow for easy access planning for all transcatheter approaches.
  • Peripheral artery measurements automatically sent to summary table to allow easy exporting and report generation.
  • Save State and send to the Cath lab for sharing access to models and measurements.

System Requirements

  • AW VolumeShare 7 or later

  • AW Server 3.1 or later

  • Color Monitors 

  • Single or Dual Display Monitors for AW Server in Landscape and Portrait orientations

Intended Use

TAVI Analysis for CT
TAVI Analysis is intended to provide an optimized non-invasive application to analyze vascular anatomy and pathology and aid in determining treatment paths from a set of Computed Tomography (CT) Angiographic images.

TAVI Analysis is a post processing application option for the Advantage Workstation (AW) platform, CT Scanner or PACS workstations, which can be used in the analysis of 2D and 3D CT Angiography images/data derived from DICOM 3.0 compliant CT scans for the purpose of cardiovascular and vascular disease assessment. This software is designed to support the physician in assessment of stenosis analysis, pre/post stent planning and directional vessel tortuosity visualization.

TAVI Analysis automatic visualization tools provide users with the capabilities to facilitate segmentation of bony structures for accurate identification of the vessels. Once vessels are visualized, tools are available for sizing the vessel, analyzing calcified and non-calcified plaque to determine the densities of plaque within a coronary artery, and measure areas of abnormalities within a vessel.

TAVI Analysis for X-Ray
TAVI Analysis is a software post processing option for the Advantage Workstation (AW) Platform, which can be used in the analysis of 3D angiography data. It provides a number of display, measurement and batch filming/archive features and will aid physicians in studying user selected vessels for stenosis analysis, pre/post stent planning, and directional vessel tortuosity visualization.