Helping you visualize and interpret your multimodality imaging data with confidence and ease.

Today's imaging modalities provide a wealth of diagnostic information, but also present a challenge to your Radiology workflow as patient exam sizes continue to increase while your time for reading and reporting decreases. Volume Viewer provides you with a rich 3D image processing toolset aimed at creating and displaying the views you need with minimal user input, and streamlining interpretation and reporting for multimodality exams.

Volume Viewer provides excellent 3D visualization and processing capabilities for reading and comparing CT, MR, 3D X-ray, PET, PET/MR and PET/CT datasets. Volume Viewer also features a broad portfolio of high-performance analysis tools, automating routine tasks and helping to make 3D image processing a stress-free component of your routine workflow.


  • Powerful SW platform for multi-modality clinical applications.
  • Streamlined 3D review workflow.
  • Compare multiple exams from different modalities at loading and on the fly1.
  • Easy point-and-click segmentation tools for segmenting structures of interest.
  • Rich set of 2D/3D ROI tools, including AutoContour for 3D semiautomatic contouring of structures of interest (CT, MR, PET), and ROI color coded for tissue classification based on voxel values.
  • Compare mode for reviewing multiple exams and modalities, simplified with Dynamic Load to load and register1 new series into the current review session.


  • Unified user interface, with one click access to your favorite tools and more space for displaying images.
  • Customizable protocol-driven workflows designed to help enhance your clinical review productivity for a wide range of care areas, with 3D and 4D real time interaction.
  • “Smart layout” protocol, which adapts the screen layout to the type of loaded exams.
  • High resolution, real-time rendering modes: MIP/MinIP/Average; Navigator view for endoluminal fly-through; lumen and curved views.
  • Compare mode for reviewing multiple exams and modalities, simplified with Dynamic Load to load and register1 new series into the current review session.
  • Rich set of 2D/3D ROI tools, including AutoContour for 3D semiautomatic contouring of structures of interest (CT, MR, PET), and ROI color coded for tissue classification based on voxel values
  • Advanced tools, to take advantage of full 3D capabilities: AutoSelect, for easy point-and-click segmentation; One or two clicks Quick Vessel Trace to analyze all vessels, in curved reformat, lumen, or MPR view; Advanced 3D processing tools.
  • Summary Table extends reporting capabilities, while collecting measurements as they are deposited on the images.
  • Multiple Export capabilities, in different DICOM and non-DICOM formats, including Key Image Notes.
  • Export to STL format for 3D printing.
  • Save state, which allows to save and restore to pause and resume the review at a later time or to facilitate collaboration workflows

System Requirements

An updated and expanded Volume Viewer (Voxtool 11.x) is available for AW Volume Share 5 and AW Server 2.0. The installed base of AW 4.4, 4.5, 4.6 (8400xw, xw8600, and z800 workstations) and AWS 1.0 will support software upgrades to this Volume Viewer release. (Older AW platforms may be upgraded to 11.x with a hardware upgrade).

Intended Use

Volume Viewer is a medical diagnostic software that allows the processing, review, analysis and communication of 3D reconstructed images and their relationship to originally acquired images from CT, MR, X-Ray Angiography and PET Scanning devices. The combination of acquired images, reconstructed images, annotations and measurements performed by the clinician are intended to provide to the referring physician clinically relevant information for diagnosis, surgery and treatment planning.

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  1. Requires integrated registration license.