Helping you visualize and interpret your multimodality imaging data with confidence and ease.

Today's imaging modalities provide a wealth of diagnostic information, but also present a challenge to your Radiology workflow as patient exam sizes continue to increase while your time for reading and reporting decreases. Volume Viewer provides you with a rich 3D image processing toolset aimed at creating and displaying the views you need with minimal user input, and streamlining interpretation and reporting for multimodality exams.

Volume Viewer provides excellent 3D visualization and processing capabilities for reading and comparing CT, MR, 3D X-ray, PET, PET/MR and PET/CT datasets. Volume Viewer also features a broad portfolio of high-performance analysis tools, automating routine tasks and helping to make 3D image processing a stress-free component of your routine workflow.


  • Powerful SW platform for multi-modality clinical applications.
  • Streamlined 3D review workflow.
  • Compare multiple exams from different modalities at loading and on the fly1.
  • Easy point-and-click segmentation tools for segmenting structures of interest.
  • Rich set of 2D/3D ROI tools, including AutoContour for 3D semiautomatic contouring of structures of interest (CT, MR, PET), and ROI color coded for tissue classification based on voxel values.
  • Compare mode for reviewing multiple exams and modalities, simplified with Dynamic Load to load and register1 new series into the current review session.


System Requirements

Intended Use

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  1. Requires integrated registration license.