SIGNA™ Premier – 70cm


There is a real-world need for a shift in engineering philosophy towards disease-specific, outcomes-based technology. This need is so great that we've formed strategic partnerships with organizations that are investing millions of dollars in the research and development of diagnostic technologies that can better detect mTBI. To help with this effort, we built Tomorrow's MR, the SIGNA™ Premier, an advanced MR system equipped with innovative coil and gradient technology that directly links to cloud-based analytics. It's the future of MR technology and it's ready today.

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First impressions with SIGNA Premier

First impressions with AIR Technology


The latest in gradient coil technology

60 cm performance in a 70 cm bore

Greater consistency and stability for advanced fMRI

With great speed comes great clarity

Experience freedom with AIR Technology

  • Form fitting for every form

  • A revolution starts with a single loop

  • Channel after channel of industry-leading coverage

  • 48 Channel Head Coil and Coil Suite

Advanced Diffusion

Diffusion imaging has never been so intelligent

  • Fueling the Future of MR