Mural: A Virtual Care Solution

Mural is a virtual care solution that integrates data from multiple systems and devices into a single pane of glass to provide a real time, comprehensive view of patients' status across a selected care area, hospital, or entire health system. This versatile virtual care solution may can reduce the time for clinical teams to deliver responsive, timely, and compliant care by digitizing hospital defined protocols, care pathways, and Early Warning Scores (EWS).1,*

Mural Solution


    Modular extensions can include episodic diagnostic systems providing access to patient records, imaging, cardiology reports and other applications. Data access is contextually driven and retrieves only relevant patient data.

    Solution can integrate seamless 2-way virtual collaboration between remote and on-site clinicians is provided using software based audio/video solution. AV solution is designed to work as cloud-based or Enterprise hosted.

    Clinical role and workflow specific meaningful visual notifications based on hospital unit’s protocols are sent to smartphones, tablets or pagers for rapid intervention.1

    Rapidly identify high risk patients through a single application in real-time using a hospital defined screening protocol such as NEWS, MEWS, SIRS, etc. across units, hospitals or healthcare networks with virtual access to each patient.2

    Enables device agnostic access to high fidelity, waveforms with graphical and numerical trends for patient under observation and review. Supports 24 to 72 hours data for trends and event review.

Detailed Patient Population

Customizable Interface

Challenges Facing the Industry


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