Radiography Systems

Our digital systems offer the latest in GE imaging advantages
  • Fixed Radiography Systems

    Discovery XR656 HD X-ray system powered by Helix 2.0

    Discovery XR656 HD is GE’s all new digital radiographic system powered by Helix™ 2.0 advanced image processing and featuring an expanded suite ...

  • Mobile Radiography Systems

    Optima XR240amx

    Designed to be the highest resolution pediatric capable mobile x-ray systems in the industry.
  • Advanced Applications

    Dual Energy Subtraction

    Acquire multiple images within milliseconds at different energy levels.
  • Edison Applications

    Critical Care Suite

    The first-of-its-kind imaging device with embedded artificial intelligence for case prioritization and quality control.
    510(k) cleared: K183...

  • AI Applications

    Thoracic Care Suite With Lunit INSIGHT CXR

    Thoracic Care Suite offers AI detection of eight abnormal chest radiograph findings which also support Tuberculosis detection and help find Pneumonia or ground glass op...

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