Optima XR240amx

Designed to be the highest resolution pediatric capable mobile x-ray systems in the industry.

Some of healthcare's most critical points of care occur in complex environments. Like in the ER, where immediacy is essential. Or in the NICU, where temperature is carefully controlled. Situations like these make it difficult to get the important diagnostic insights you need from a fixed radiography room.

  • Benefits

    Every Patient becomes the point of care

    We designed our digital mobile X-ray system, Optima XR240amx, with these complex care areas in mind. Its high resolution 100 micron digital detectors, FlashPad HD, enable you to see fine details with exceptional contrast.

    Technology that adapts to the environment you need it in

    Optima XR240amx includes two different detector sizes. They are thin, light and can be used with your surgical table to quickly get the image you need. In most cases, you can slide the 14-inch by 17-inch detector directly in the surgical table or position with accessory positioners. Its unique adaptive wireless technology enables automatic channel switching to improve image transfer and avoid wireless interference with other surgical equipment on the hospital network.

    When Every Second Counts - The first image counts the most

    Optima XR240amx quickly transitions out of "stand-by" mode, allowing for exposures 20 seconds. When it's not in use, its small footprint allows it to fit seamlessly into the background of your busy ER. And with in-bin charging, the wireless detector battery charges while the system is on the go and when it's in "stand-by" mode or plugged in with system powered on, giving you peace of mind knowing it will be ready when you need it.